A downloadable game for Windows


The frozen apocalypse is coming now! Stay at home and don't go outside or you are sentenced to be frozen to death! If you were unlucky enough to be lost in a forest, the only hope for you to survive is fire. Remember, whatever happens, just keep it alive. Keep the fire alive!


Move - WASD

Pick up items - Space

You need to find sticks and stumps and bring them to a fireplace

Make it through the night!

This is a small game prototype I have made for Ludum Dare 46

I created some of 3d assets myself and also used some CC0 assets

The game is built using Godot Engine

Have fun!


Frozen April 0.0.4 10 MB
Frozen April 0.0.3 10 MB
Frozen April 0.0.2 10 MB
Frozen April 0.0.1 10 MB


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I love the art! Godot seems can handle 3D really well.